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Boy's First Love

It was 1953; I was a 18-year-old virgin in the ways of sex, never having had a girl or a guy.

I thought that I was pretty much normal, interested in girls, but too shy to make a move on one. I had no idea what gay or bi was in those days. A guy who liked other guys was a queer, and society did not except homosexual behavior in any form.

I lived in a small town in Michigan, and there was a local swimming hole where all the guys in my crowd would go (in summer, of course). We swam naked, but thought nothing of it. I had been going there for years with my friend Joe, and knew most of the guys that went there. The older boys (which included me) would sometimes horse around and have a circle jerk, sometimes even giving each other a helping hand. Still, all this seemed normal, and none of us thought otherwise or made any moves on the other guys.

Then one day in early July, everything changed.

One of the guys, Jason, had a cousin who moved up from Detroit, and he brought him to the swimming hole. This boy, Kenny, was about 1/2 year younger than I was, with very blond, almost white, hair and large, hazel/green eyes, a small turned-up nose, and full, pouty lips. He was the most beautiful boy (no: most beautiful person) I had ever seen, bar none. I just stared at him for what seemed like hours, but was in fact just a few seconds.

Jason proceeded to strip and urged Kenny to do the same. Kenny stripped down to his shorts but refused to take them off. I guessed he was a little shy. He was very slight of build, maybe 5'4" tall and only about 120 lbs. (At the time I was 5'7" about 145 lbs.)

Joe and I were already in the water, which was good because nobody saw my 6" cock jump to attention at the sight of this boy. Jason jumped in the water and Kenny followed him shortly, still in his shorts. We proceeded to swim and play water games with the kind of enthusiasm only teenage boys can display.

After about an hour we tired of these games and Joe and I climbed out of the water and lay down on our towels. Jason and Kenny followed. As Kenny climbed out of the water, I could see that those thin white cotton Fruit of the Loom shorts had become transparent when wet and hid nothing, and again I stared: Kenny had an erection.

Seeing me stare at him, he looked down at himself and blushed all over. “Hell,” Jason said, "those shorts don't hide nothing; you might as well take them off and let them dry out."

Still blushing, Kenny turned his back and slid his shorts off, revealing a very pretty little butt. Then he turned around and faced us. Kenny had a very long, maybe 7-inch cock, which was thin and curved to the right, with small tight balls, which hugged his crotch. This, together with the fact that he was almost hairless, was a very erotic sight, and again my thick 6" cock jumped to attention.

This time I couldn't hide my erection; didn't even try, I was too busy staring at Kenny. Joe didn't miss the fact that I had become erect. "Hey, how come you're so hard?" I couldn't answer that, so I grabbed my cock and started stroking. "Time for a circle jerk," I said, and with that Joe and Jason started stroking too.

Kenny sat down and began stroking his long, thin cock, along with the rest of us. Kenny and I sat facing each other, with Joe on my right and Jason on my left. As we stroked, I noted that Kenny didn't look at Joe or Jason, but was looking only at me. He looked me up and down, as though memorizing every inch of my body, as I was his. As he looked me over his gaze would stop on my crotch, where he watched me stroke my thick 6" cock. At this a small smile would play about his face as he stroked his own pole. After a few minutes Jason groaned and shot a load on his legs; Joe followed shortly thereafter. Neither Kenny nor I shot a load.

Suddenly Jason realized that it was after 4:00. "Shit, I gotta go get Mike,” (his little brother), “and get home for supper!"

Jason lived only about a mile from the swimming hole; Kenny lived three miles in the opposite direction (my direction). This posed a problem: Kenny wasn't familiar with the roads back and might get lost. Jason didn't have time to accompany him, get his brother, and then get home in time for supper, even if he rode his bike as fast as he could.

"No problem,” I said, still slowly stroking my cock, "I live over near Kenny and I can ride with him but I haven't finished here yet.”

"Great, thanks loads," said Jason as he hurriedly dressed. Since Joe also lived in the same area as Jason, he decided to ride with Jason and also dressed in a hurry. "See you guys tomorrow!" yelled Joe as he and Jason rode off together.

Kenny and I were left alone, sitting on our towels.

I looked at Kenny and he steadily returned my gaze. "Can I get a little closer to you?" he asked. "Sure," I said; it was exactly what I wanted.

He moved his towel next to mine, and we sat there gazing at each other and slowly stroking our rock hard cocks. Kenny reached out and touched my cock. "Can I?" he asked, sort of shyly. I said nothing, but answered by reaching over and taking his beautiful cock in my left hand, and stroking him.

We sat in near silence as we stroked each other. We didn't need to say anything, our heavy breathing and occasional groan of pleasure was communication enough.
Then Kenny surprised me by leaning over and kissing my nipple. "I want to suck you," he said. That was also a surprise: a pleasant one. Saying nothing, I pressed his head down toward my quivering cock. He needed no more answer than that and went down on me eagerly. I had never been sucked before, and had no way of judging, but he certainly seemed to know what he was doing.

I lay back on my towel to give him more freedom of movement. Before long he had moved himself around so that his groin was directly opposite my face as we lay on our sides. I looked right at his throbbing cock. I really don't recall how, but that beauty ended up in my mouth, and I loved it.

We had been going at this for quite a while, both of us holding back as best we could, because we didn't want it to end, but nature took over and we moved faster and sucked harder, and I felt that I was going to cum. Kenny felt my stiffening and pulled my cock out of his mouth, stroking me fast and hard. I blew my wad on his face and neck. This set him off and he also stiffened, but I was not as sensitive as he and didn't get his cock out of my mouth. I felt gobs of his hot, thick boy juice filling my mouth and throat. I gagged reflexively, but it actually tasted pretty good.

We lay there, nearly exhausted (which is hard to do to a 18-year-old boy). After about 10 minutes we moved around so that we were in each other's arms. We lay this way for a long time. Finally, we realized that it was getting late, and I was worried that Kenny would get in trouble for not being home for dinner.

"Don't worry,” he said, “my mom works nights and I don't have a dad." My mother also worked nights, as a waitress in a local bar, and I knew that my step-dad would be there until it closed, as he always was on weekends. My sister would be out with friends, she was a very popular senior in high school.

"Want to come to my house?" I asked. "We can make burgers or something and watch TV.”

Kenny grinned at this. "We don't have a TV,” (it was 1953), “I'd like that."

So we went back in the water to clean ourselves off, then dried ourselves and dressed.

Being that it was summer, it was still daylight when we got to my house at about 8:00 pm. As I guessed, there was no one home. We parked our bikes in the back yard and went into the kitchen. We opened some cans of soup and heated it on the stove (no microwaves back then). While it cooked we made some sandwiches. We took our supper into the living room (a no-no if my mom had been home) and settled in to watch TV. We only got the one local channel clear, the other stations being too far away in Detroit or Flint, but that was fine with us: TV was still new and exciting.

As we sat there watching a variety show, we finished our supper. Kenny moved close to me and laid his head on my shoulder. Now I had had girls do this, but never a guy. Still, it seemed entirely natural. I put my arm around him and he snuggled up to me, with a sigh.

"Want to stay the night?" I asked. "My Mom won't mind." Friends often stayed over, or I often stayed over at a friend’s house."Yeah. I'll call my mom and let her know,” Kenny answered.

I showed him where the phone was and he returned to the living room after several minutes.

"It's OK, as long as I get home before noon tomorrow: she's got some chores for me around the house."

So we returned to our cozy position on the couch and watched TV. After a little while Kenny turned his face to me and nibbled on my ear, then put his tongue in it. It tickled. I turned my face to him and we kissed. A small kiss at first, then our lips parted and our tongues found each other.

I had never kissed or been kissed like this before. It drove me to heights I had never known. Soon Kenny's hand was in my lap and he was tugging at my zipper. He took my already erect cock from my pants and began stroking it. "Wait,” I said, "let's go to my room.”

We went upstairs to my room. There we stripped each other. As Kenny pulled my shorts down, my cock leapt out, slapping against my belly with a slightly wet sound. There it stood, tight against my belly.
Kenny laughed, "Mine doesn't do that; guess it's not strong enough.” With that he pulled my cock downward and released it, so it slapped against my belly again. "I love that: such a thick, strong prick,” he said as he started to lick it.

I pulled him to his feet and led him to the bed. There we got in position for a classic 69, with him on top.

I cannot describe all that went on that night. Much I don't remember; I was lost in the sublime glow of love. Suffice to say that we explored every inch of each other, with hands, tongues, and cocks.

Kenny and I maintained our relationship through the next 3 years. I don't think we fooled anyone but ourselves about not being gay. I was bi, I still liked dating and having sex with girls, and since I had a letters in track and baseball I was fairly popular, but there was always Kenny, my first true love. Those times when I was down (usually over some girl) he was always able to cheer me up. I think he was a true gay. I never knew him to have a girl. And he was prettier than most girls in town.

When I was 21 I joined the Navy because I wanted the education it offered. We sort of lost touch, then I got married and had a family. I heard that he had been drafted and gone to Viet Nam, but no one knew if he came back. He didn't come back to my (our?) hometown. His mother had died when he was 18, so he didn't have any other family except cousins, and they weren't close. I know his name isn't on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, so he probably returned to the States, but where I don't know.

It has been almost 55 years, but I still think of him often. I have searched via the Internet, but haven't found a trace of him. One of his cousins said he thought Kenny was in Florida in the '80s, but wasn't sure.



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